Comfort Zone


Powerful and Efficient Cooling

R-32 Refrigerant
Unlike R-22, R-32 has no ozone depletion potential for a reduced impact on the environment. This next generation refrigerant has a heat transfer 1.5 times higher than R-410A and a GWP* 675 CO2 eq., which is about one third of R-410A. It can contribute to reduce eq. CO2 emissions up to 72% against R-410A.

Inverter Technology
Daikin units are conceived to offer powerful cooling to quickly cool down the room. The system has been designed for optimum nominal efficiency, with EER reaching up to 3.15 W/W, and seasonal energy efficiency, in line with real life operating conditions in Africa. Using efficient systems will result in lower electricity bills, but also in lesser load to be applied on generator as power input is minimized.

Certified Performance
Daikin units offer excellent nominal and peak efficiency, exceeding the most stringent regulations. Its performances are certified for capacity and efficiency at 35/46/48 CDB!

The Ducted System is compact and powerful, providing the ultimate in flexibility and discretion. These slim indoor units are intended to be concealed above suspended ceilings or within open closet spaces in order to deliver conditioned air via ducting and appropriate ceiling or wall grilles. This configuration offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of conditioned air distribution as well as the type of grille or diffuser that best complements the room’s styling.


Product Features
R-410A Refrigerant – Unlike R-22, R-410 has no ozone depletion potential.
Powerful and Efficient Cooling – Daikin units are conceived to offer a powerful cooling to quickly cool down the room, even if the outside temperature is very high. The system is designed to be extremely efficient, with EER reaching up to 11.6 Btu/hr/W, for a lower electricity consumption.
The excellent cooling performances are the results of the combination of the high efficiency tropical compressor combined with the optimal heat transfer from the heat exchanger

Optimal Cooling Comfort – The cooling comfort experience can be maximized by using one of the functionalities like:
– Turbo Mode that will cool down the space even quicker.

– Sleep Mode, that will ensure a comfortable environment for restful sleep, by avoiding overcooling at night.

– Dry Mode that will reduce the humidity level of the room to guarantee an optimal comfort.

Whisper Quiet Operation – The Daikin indoor units are whisper quiet. The sound level can further be reduced, down to 34 dB(A).
Standard Anti-corrosion protection – The condenser coil is protected against corrosion thanks to the hydrophilic gold fin coating. This will ensure a longer life span, even under corrosive environment, with cooling performance maintained optimal.
Easy installation – Daikin outdoor units allow flexible installation. They can easily be mounted on a roof, thanks to the long piping runs, or simply placed against an outside wall.
High design flexibility – Wide range of available static pressure in compact design casing allows high flexibility in design
– ESP up to 75 Pa

Double protection drainage system – Daikin ducted unit has a reinforced protection against water leakage thanks to the double drain pan.
Auto Random Restart – In case of sudden power failure during operation, this feature ensures that air conditioners installed in the same building will resume operation automatically but randomly instead of turning on at the same time. This will prevent power surge after blackout. The operation will be based on the previous setting.


Daikin operates under the belief that customers are buying quality. With this in mind, Daikin strives to stay ahead of consumer needs
by providing high-quality products with superior performance, energy efficiency, and comfort and by designing stylish solutions
that conform to all interior spaces and lifestyles.. At the forefront of energy efficiency, Daikin has designed a new inverter concealed ceiling unit, using the low GWP* and Zero ODP** refrigerant R-32, which allows owners to reduce their energy bill all year round. This new series combines the most advanced technologies. It has been specially developed to withstand the harsh conditions of the African market, such as unstable power supply, corrosive environment and severe transportation and handling conditions.
Inverter technology helps to reduce energy bill substantially, while
maintaining the highest level of comfort. Start-up time is reduced and temperature is maintained stable at all times, unlike non inverter air conditioners. Using efficient systems will result in lower electricity bills, but also in lesser load to be applied on the generator as power input is being minimized.

Benefits of INVERTER at a glance
» Energy saving all the year round, for a lower electricity bill and lower carbon footprint
» Lower starting current and less load to be applied on the
» Powerful cooling
» Quieter operation
» Longer lifetime