Comfort Zone


Comfort Zone Quaternity system incorporates technological innovations that deliver features and benefits superior to traditional mini‐split systems…

Space saving design

The VRV IV S-series dimensions make it the most compact VRV unit on the market. Measuring only 823 mm, the unit is short enough that it fits discreetly under windows and is virtually unnoticeable, making it the best unit for roof and balcony installations. The unit’s front-blow principle also minimises turbulence and eliminates the need for ducting.

Keep a low profile

Our VRV IV S-series front blow units are slimmer and more compact than any other VRV unit, which means it’s able to overcome the challenges that aesthetics and regulations can impose. Equipped with the latest energy-saving technologies and connectable to a wide range of sleek commercial and residential units, our VRV IV S-series is a total air conditioning solution and the ideal choice for when outdoor space is limited.