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Fan coils are distributed heating and cooling equipment designed to locally condition the air for the space they serve. A fan coil unit can either be exposed with a painted metal cabinet occupying the conditioned space or recessed with a wall plate or ductwork connecting it to the conditioned space. Our fan coil units come in three basic configurations: horizontal in or along the ceiling, vertical running the height of the wall, and unit heaters low along the wall.

The 6 Types of Daikin Chilled Water Fan Coil Units are capable of flexibly adapting to a wide variety of space requirements, installation configurations, and usage applications. Not only do the models feature designs that blend in beautifully with any interior décor, they also boast advantages such as space-saving compactness. These units are widely used for the air conditioning of offices, shops, and other areas.

  • Space Saving
  • Wide range to suit various interior designs.
  • Installation of fan coil units in different zones and Independent Operation of units allows Zone Control to achieve energy saving and better air distribution and to meet different comfort requirements
  • Coil with Hydrophilic Slit Fin improves air contact to boost the cooling capacity and resist corrosion
  • Wireless remote controller operates the air conditioner unit within the distance of 9 meters


To meet and surpass their most desired requirements, our fan coil units integrate advanced HVAC technologies including:

MicroTech® III controls
Lowest published sound data
ECM motor selections
Factory-installed valve / piping packages
Energy saving mixing box / economizer
Primary / secondary coil options
High-static MERV filters